Andy Johnson's Magic Hat

A red and blue look at the statistical side of the beautiful game

Cherry picking the positives

A look at the Bournemouth game and a closer look behind our attacking struggles this season


Post Watford pessimism?

Despite a draw appearing like the most accurate reflection of the game against Watford whichever way you look at it (shots, expected goals, highlights etc), there has been a fair bit of negative feeling following the game. I think this... Continue Reading →

He’s just too good for you

Is Wilfried Zaha the best Premier League player outside of the top 6?

M23 derby preview

Brighton are 9th?! They can't be that good...

Trust the process

Why Roy is right that there is no magic formula to turn performances into results

The Benteke debate

Is Benteke the same player who was at Villa?

No longer the punchline

After our win against Chelsea, how do Palace look 8 games in?

CPFC versus Expected Goals

Why are Palace scoring so few goals?

We only play when we’re losing

A closer look at our continued habit of starting games slowly

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